Law Student Hacked To Death In Bangladesh For “Insulting” Islam. Photos

A law student who allegedly spoke against Islam -was gruesomely murdered by a banned Islamist group with links to al-Qaeda in Bangladesh. The 28-year-old Nazimuddin Samad was killed on Wednesday night and this has sparked a serious protest by fellow students who came out in their numbers to show support for their slain colleague.

 Ansar al-Islam, the Bangladesh division of al-Qaida, said in a statement that its members carried out the attack in ‘vengeance.’ It said that Samad ‘abused’ God, the Prophet Muhammad, and Islam….

 ‘This operation was conducted to teach a lesson to the blasphemers of this land whose poisonous tongues are constantly abusing Allah, the religion of Islam and the Messenger under the pretext of so-called freedom of speech,’ the statement said. 

 Three motorcycle-riding assailants hacked and shot to death Samad when he was walking with a friend after finishing his law class at a state-run university in Dhaka.