“Men Only Want To Have My Body” — Pretty Blogger Says As She Goes On Celibacy. Photos

 A s*x blogger Nixalina Waston, 28, has vowed to be celibate after being cheated on by various men …The pretty blogger says she is finding abstinence difficult but is still going on dates to find the “true one”. She wrote;
Welcome to my vow of no sex. I’m Nixalina, Founder of London’s award winning blog Sex & London City. I assure you, I didn’t go to university with the aim of becoming a sex and dating expert – I somehow stumbled into it. Tripped and landed knee deep, in similar fashion to when you fall in love. Men seem to view me as that one-time fun girl they can take on a few dates, sleep with and then casually wave farewell. I don’t think one-night stands are that terrible as long as both parties want just that one night. They can be so much fun. But I’ve done my time and I’m now after something that lasts longer than breakfast the next morning.
It feels that men don’t expect me to want an emotional connection due to my chosen career path, so they then act in a certain way with me. I have found that they fall into either of these two categories: dudes that are intimidated and run a mile, or dudes that see me as an ego boost for them. Game on.
The vow came about not due to one particular guy, but a build-up of all of them. I would say though, the most recent guy (I was with him for 6 months in 2015) was the icing on my cake. Whilst feeding me a load of crap and spending time with me…he was also screwing two other girls and then committed to one of them, citing that ‘she was the easy option and, well, you’re the wild card.
‘ Direct quote. But it’s okay because, you know…I was the best girl in bed apparently. Sure. Wild card? Have a word mate. I have my own apartment, mortgage, my own brand, even my own pet. I do goddamn yoga and netball every week and I’m always busy blogging so no… you won’t find me every weekend at some Shoreditch rave chewing my own face off. I’m independent and opinionated and I demand honesty from my man, but since when did that make you the risk option? Come on now guys, grow a pair. So, having checked myself back for 6 months and worked out that I was being fed a crock of bull just to keep me around for the decent bedroom antics, I decided enough was enough. I’m not doing it any more. Literally, doing it. I am not. So, for 2016 I made a vow to remove sex from my life. Not because I’ve lost the urge (hell no) but because I am aware that my sexual connections with men cloud my judgement. But when I sleep with a guy, BAM emotions all over the joint. I only sleep with guys that I see a future with and it bums me out big time that, every single time, it turns out they were telling me XYZ only to stick their penis in my ABC. You get me? I’m a hopeless romantic at heart so if they say ‘I love you’ then I believe them. I don’t think ‘Oh, but I bet you’ve got another two girls you’re sleeping with behind my back too’.

The aim of my vow is to exclude the sexual connection from dating, in the hopes that I meet a guy who wants more than just knicker removal. I want to dispel this idea that they all sit with – the sex blogger will be the best bang ever and she won’t care if I leave straight after. Erm, no. It’s a JOB. I am a female. I am looking for ‘the one’. I want a relationship. You know, like every other living breathing human on the planet.