11 Police Officers Shot By Two Snipers During Protest Over Killing Of Black Men In Dallas. Photos

Two snipers have shot 11 police officers – killing at least four – and may have planted a bomb in downtown Dallas. The two gunmen opened fire from ‘elevated positions’, picking off officers as they manned a protest over the deaths of two black men, police chief David Brown said.
Both suspects have been caught and taken into custody, with one detained following a shootout with police. Police found a suspicious package near where one of the gunmen was caught and a bomb squad are dealing with it. Two more people are being questioned after they were spotted speeding away from the scene of the shooting in a black Mercedes. Four cops have died, and as many as three others are in a critical condition. Another man, named as Mark Hughes, was pictured walking through Dallas with what appeared to be an assault rifle. He turned himself into police after cops made a public appeal.

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