Woman Shocks Passengers After Letting Her Grandchild Urinate Onboard A Plane. See Photos

Passengers aboard an Air ‪‎China‬ flight CA1332 en route to ‪‎Beijing‬ from central China’s city of ‪Zhengzhou‬ on April 30 -were all shocked -after a Chinese grandmother let her grandkid pee by her seat. The plane was descending and about to touch down when the incident occurred.
All passengers were required to return to their seats and fastened their seatbelts. It was at this moment when the little girl whined over the need of going to the bathroom. The grandmother then helped the girl get off the seat, and, instead of asking the permission to go to the toilet, she took off the kid’s pants and let her pee right in front of the seat. Air China confirmed that incident did take place, and urged all passengers to behave in a more civilized way.