“Am Being Blackmailed” – Abdulmumin Jibrin Reacts To Report Of £1.558m Traced To His UK Account

A group, the National Youth Council of Nigeria said it had traced £1.558m (N825m) to a United Kingdom account allegedly owned by the embattled former chairman, House of Representatives’ Committee on Appropriations, Abdulmumin Jibrin. According to the report, the Anti-corruption unit of the NYCN, Ifeanyi Okonkwo, said operation of the accounts contravened existing Nigerian laws on the conduct of elected and appointed public officers.

Read the press statement released by Abdulmumin Jibrin to refute the allegation.

My attention has been drawn to a widely circulated report in the media that I own an account with ING bank UK with Essex adress and balance of £1.3m. The document is FAKE, I DO NOT own such account or balance neither do I have anything what so ever to do with the said address at Essex

This blackmail is part of a wider propaganda arranged by the desperate Speaker Dogara through his Deputy Chief of Staff Hon CID Maduebum

Hon Maduebum has recruited and paid 20million naira to one Ifeanyi Okonkwo and Ikenga Ugochinyere of a shadow youth organisation to do the hatched job

You will recall that the same group went to town with the allegations of 17 billion and 418 million naira which all turned out a fluke

Ahead of resumption of the House, they are back at work to divert attention from the allegations of budget fraud and corruption against Speaker Dogara

The plan is to creat credibility problem for me as I prepare to release more revelations of corruption by Dogara that will send shock down the spines of Nigerians

It is curious that all the allegations on me are made by faceless or shadow organizations, no Member of House has signed any allegation on me

Iam therefore calling on the relevant authorities to investigate and take decisive action on this latest assault on my person and unveil the real sponsors

I will be reporting these hatchet men to the police and EFCC this morning and my lawyers are taking the necessary legal actions. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

I urge the general public to disregard this latest blackmail as the document in circulation is not worth a toilet paper! Thank you and God bless