Indian Woman Survives After Being Stabbed And Slashed 21 Times By Her Attacker. Photos

A chilling video captures a woman being slashed and stabbed 21 times in a brutal machete attack – but she miraculously survives. The video shows Santosh Venkatesh, 25, launching himself at Kumari Venkatswamy, 50, as she is speaking to another woman in a corridor.

Santosh is seen rushing through a doorway and striking a blow on Kumari’s head and her then struggling to escape the relentless blows from the machete. The incident happened in Kotiligeshwar temple in Karnataka in southern India on Sunday evening where Kumari serves as an administrator. Santosh, an engineer, was immediately handed over to the police after the incident. Santosh who hails from same village as Kumari was scorned after his father Venkatesh Appa died three years ago in a heart attack, and he blamed Kumari.