Man In A Wheelchair Surprises All He Stands Up Against All Odds At His Graduation. Photos

This is the touching moment an ex-police officer was given a standing ovation as he stood up to receive his degree – after five years in a wheelchair. Law graduate Jerry Daliel, 40, wheeled himself onto the stage in front of a cathedral full of fellow students.
With a huge grin on his face, he then grits his teeth, squeezes his eyes shut and pushes himself onto his feet. Against all the odds, Jerry manages to stand up completely unaided and remain standing – for the first time in five years. The married dad-of-three was left wheelchair-bound after suffering head injuries in a horror car crash in 2011 which affected his coordination. While recovering in hospital, he discovered a deep passion for law and enrolled to study for a degree in the subject at the University of the West of England.