“She Pestered Me”; Teaching Assistant Reveals Why He Slept With Teenage Student

A teaching assistant who is accused of having sex with a 15-year-old schoolgirl has said he was pestered by students because “he looked like Zayn Malik”. Hamid Bhatti claims he received a lot of attention from girls as they thought he resembled the One Direction star.

The 24-year-old, who has a thick, black beard, told the court the girl actively pursued him, saying: “I think you’re lush, I’m going to marry you and have your babies.” He is accused of sleeping with the alleged victim after meeting her while on teaching placement. Bhatti claims the girl and her friends compared him to the X Factor star. He said: “It was mostly (this girl) and her friends, but I was quite young and of Pakistani descent. They said I looked like Zayn Malik.” Bhatti was on placement at the school in Yeovil, Somerset when he met the youngster. His defence lawyer said the student’s pursuit of the then-22-year-old became so tedious he contacted her mum and would hide from her in cupboards. The accused teacher said: “It started to bother me. There is only so much you can take.” But the teacher claims the school “laughed it off” when he approached them about the girl’s behaviour. Bhatti denies a charge of child abduction and five allegations of sexual activity with a child between May 2014 and February 2015. He admits sleeping with the girl in early 2015, butt denies knowing she was underage at the time. The teacher said he heard rumours he was involved with the youngster from his barber. He claims he was abused in the street by her friends, who called him a paedophile and harassed him at the restaurant he worked at. Bhatti alleged the girl turned up “drunk” at his house on a number of occasions, but said nothing ever happened until she told him she reached the age of consent. He said: “She came to my house months later and told me: ‘I’m 16’.

Source; The Sun UK