5-Year-Old Girl Faces Amputation After Fence Fell On Her In Akwa Ibom…. Photos

A little girl who met misfortune after a fence fall on her on a rainy day in Akwa Ibom state -needs help to avoid being amputated at this tender stage of her life…Read the full story below;

Little Miss Aniebiet Young was the unfortunate girl who came back from holiday lesson on a rainy day and the storm water overran their compound and the fence of their neighbour fell on her.

A good “Samaritan” came to hold her face up from the ground so that she doesn’t drown. Aniebiet was pressed down under blocks for close to three hours and screamed for passers by to help lift the fence blocks from her.

Aniebiet is a brilliant 5year old girl who won a scholarship to start primary one this September and the scholarship will continue till she completes her secondary school. Her parents are poor peasants and it is obvious that they cannot afford the orthopedic treatment do they were advised to cut Aniebiet left hand and left leg.

Imagine this girl being amputated, and she will only have a right leg and a left leg. Can Akwa Ibom people get to save Aniebiet from being amputated.

If these pictures are not offensive to you please contact Mr Young Aniebiet’s father and find out how she is faring and when her limbs would be cut off. But we can assist the father to pay for orthopaedic treatment instead of cutting off the limbs through surgical amputation.

‭Aniebiet’s Father 0809 285 6230‬ Mr Young.
29 Etim Okon Usanga Street, by Nwaniba Water-Fountain Uyo.

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