Couple Who Were Prohibited From Marrying Finally Tie The Knot 65 Years Later. Photos

A couple who were forced to call off their engagement because the bride’s parents did not approve of the groom have finally tied the knot 65 years later. Davy Moakes, 86, and Helen Andre, 82, met and fell in love at art college and Davy proposed in 1951.

But his fiancée’s parents would not give their blessing to the union – fearing Davy would struggle to provide for his family if he pursued a career as an artist. The wedding was scrapped two years later. Helen went on to be widowed three times, while Davy has lost two spouses. But the pair are now ‘madly in love’ after being reunited last year with the help of Helen’s daughter, Debbie Williams, and social media. They married in a quiet register office ceremony at Ripley, Derbyshire, on Friday, watched by Helen’s three children and a handful of close friends. They are currently on their honeymoon in Cyprus….