Former Pilot Kills Himself After Trying To Shoot Wife And Daughter. Pictured

A former pilot tried to kill his wife and daughter before killing himself in his apartment located in East Delhi, on Saturday evening. According to the police, the deceased has been identified as 61-year-old Anand Kumar. The family told the police that Anand was upset due to a kidney disease….

Initial investigation has suggested that Anand opened fire at his wife and daughter after a heated argument. The Delhi Police have registered a case. On Friday, at around 5.30 pm, the police received a call informing that one person tried to kill his family and later, killed himself. When the police officers reached his residence, they found his body lying on the floor of his bedroom.

A senior officer from East Delhi Police station, said: “He was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors declared him dead. “We also came to know that Anand’s wife and daughter ran away from their house to save themselves from Anand. He has fired four rounds, and a pistol was recovered from the spot.”

Deceased Anand had a kidney transplant last year due to which he had to leave his job, police said. According to initial investigation, the family told the police that Anand was upset due to his disease.