“He Used Cutlass To Chase Me And The Children Out” — Divorce Seeking Wife Tells Court

Mutiyat Adegbirin, a trader and mother of four children, who has been married for about 15 years, has begged Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo Hall, Ibadan, Oyo State, to separate her and her husband, Wasiu, on grounds that her husband wanted to use her for rituals.
“My husband doesn’t take care of me and the children and also beats me constantly. He used cutlass to send me and the children out of his house. But suddenly, he came to where I live, destroyed my goods and also stole my money. I beg this court to separate us because I’m fed up with him,” she said. The court asked Mutiyat whether she reported the matter to both her family and that of her husband and she said: “yes.” The defendant, Wasiu, however, said he is a responsible man. “I admitted the claims but my wife is wayward. I reported her to her family and they called us to a meeting for settlement. My wife said I’m not taking care of her and the children and I told them before we left the meeting that she is a liar. “I requested from her family to help me ask her whether she still loves me or not and they did. She responded that she still loves me. It is true that we fight and on one occasion and she wounded me with a knife. After that, she got me arrested with policemen. She took one of my children to Abuja without my consent. That is all I can say,” Wasiu told the court.

In case of possible settlement, the president of the court, Chief Agbaje Henry Olasunkanmi, advised both parties to go home and reconsider their decisions. The case was adjourned till October 12.