I Can’t Do Without Soaked “Garri’’ And Dried Fish – Lagos Senator…

Senator Solomon Olamilekan, representing Lagos West Senatorial District, on Thursday, said that having soaked “garri’’ and dried fish as a meal gave him more satisfaction than any other food. .
He told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), in Lagos, that garri and dried fish was his favourite food. “I don’t know why I just like garri and dried fish, it gives me the kind of satisfaction I can’t describe, I just feel good after having it. Some people would ask me, why would a senator like garri and not all these expensive stuffs? and the answer I give is that it makes me feel great.

It is so amazing that sometimes when I am having stomach upset, and I take garri, everything disappears within minutes. I think garri is best suited for my body,’’ he said.