“I Don't Know When I Will See My Family” – Says Gallant Nigerian Soldier. Photos

May God continue to protect our soldier who have laid down their lives for the safety of the nation. A brave Nigerian soldier in a touching piece -has reaffirmed his love for the army and country despite the unfavorable conditions.
Read what Henry Edobor posted on his page earlier today;

I left home @18. I learned how to kill another human being. Before i learned how to pay my taxes. I learned how to care about someone else life more than my own life, i have friends in death zone . yeah!! Some of my friends in death zone,Haven’t come back.

I don’t get Enough sleep most night. I fight for people that like me and people that hate me,I don’t get paid much. I don’t know when i will see my family. I don’t know when next i might go home. I don’t know much really…!!! But I know one thing for sure.

I have over 100,000. 00 brothers and sisters out there, and they make it all worth it…!!! Just missing all my course mates out there…!!! Both the falling heroes and the ones. That are still alive and in service…!!! I LOVE U all. NIGERIA MILITARY GET MORE UNITED AND KEEP THE CANDLE OF ONE BODY BURNING