Meet The Pretty Girl Who Captures Dangerous Alligators Just For Fun. Photos

Starting when she was just five years old, Kayla Garvey, 24, has captured more than a hundred of the dangerous reptiles over the years. Kayla began capturing alligators before she had even started school, alongside her dad Kevin Garvey, 53, who was a professional trapper working for in Florida, USA.

She said in an interview; “I’m not scared of them at all,””They’re just like any other pet.””I’m not scared at all, I’ve never been hurt by an alligator. “I’ve been whipped by their tails, but I’ve never had any near misses.” Her father, Kevin, had a license to trap alligators but has since retired. Now Kayla has a license to hunt them, allowing her to kill two gators per season, which lasts four months. The practise of alligator hunting is common in Florida, which is known to be teaming with the creatures. Together with her real estate agent boyfriend, Chris Stutz, 26, Kayla travels across the state of Florida in search of the animals.

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