“My Disability Is A Gift” — Says Man Without Arms Who Drives With His Feet. Photos

An inspiring man who lost his arms when he was just seven uses his nose and feet to play tennis, swim and even drive. Vikram Agnihotri, 45, from Indore, India, swims and goes to the gym every morning, and plays tennis using his shoulders.

He lost his arms when he accidentally touched a high voltage wire, but says he has taken his disability as ‘a gift’. Mr Agnihotri learned to do basic tasks such as shave with his feet and operate his phone with his nose. Shorty afterwards, he pushed himself to start playing tennis and swimming so he could join in with his friends. Mr Agnihotri was an active child before the accident and he refused to let the tragedy hold him back. Mr Agnihotri has baffled everyone on the road with his driving skills. His unusual technique involves driving the car with his feet.