“My Wife Is Troublesome, She Fights Me” — Divorce Seeking Man Tells Court

A man, Kayode Olanrewaju, has approached an Oja’ba/Mapo Grade ‘C’ Customary Court, sitting at Mapo Hall, Ibadan, Oyo State, to end his 10-year-old marriage to his wife, Abiodun, accusing her of visiting spiritualists because of him and also of stubbornness.

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According to Olanrewaju, he married his wife as a virgin and she gave birth to a son, who is now six years old and he’s in her custody. “My wife is troublesome; she fights me. She is also proud, disrespectful and consults spiritualists because of me. These are the reasons I sent her to her parents since year 2010. “I’ve been taking care of our child since year 2014 when I took a step to register my child with the Welfare Organisation in order to be taking care of him. I used to pay money for the child’s upkeep through Welfare. I want to take custody of the child in order to give him sound education because my wife doesn’t have time for him. More so, there is no more love between us. I can no longer cope with her. That is all I can say,” Olanrewaju told the court. The respondent, Abiodun, said: “I admit the claim except that he cannot take custody of the child because he married me with deceit. He told me that he has separated from his wife. Shortly after that, he impregnated me before I discovered that he did not separate from the woman. “He doesn’t love my family; He cannot have the child because he doesn’t have time. That is the only child I have. He left for London when the child was 41 days old and did not send anything to us. He was the one who took the matter to Welfare board. He told them that he wanted to have access to the child and they told him to be paying N30, 000 every month as he promised them. He sent seven cheques to me through a Welfare officer but I was unable to cash them because I was told there was no money in the account. He did not pay any money between 2013 and 2015. “I have told them at Welfare that I can’t give him my child because I have no other child and not yet ready to marry another man. The matter is still in Welfare,” Abiodun said.

Having heard from the couple, the case was adjourned till November 7 but both parties were absent from the court. However, the president of the court, Chief Odunade Ademola, has fixed January 19, 2017 for further hearing.