Panic At Lagos Airport As NAF Conducts Counter Terrorism Operations.. Photos

Passengers at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport got more than they bargained for this morning as the Nigerian Air Force conducted a simulation exercise on counter terrorism.

According to Daily Sun, No fewer than three persons sustained injuries during the exercise among whom was an old woman on a wheel chair, apparently travelling outside the country. Just as the mock terrorists stormed the airport and started shooting sporadically, she fell from her wheelchair and allegedly broke her teeth. Another traveller, a young woman in her 30s flung her baby away in the heat of the pandemonium that ensued, before diving for cover. She later reunited with her baby when she was told that it was just a mock exercise and that the bullets being expended were blank bullets. Also an airport staff a man in his late 50s collapsed on the sound of sporadic gunshots from the the mock terrorists. All the wounded persons were attended to by medical staff of the Nigerian Air Force hospital and members of the Lagos State Ambulance Services. The passengers said they were not informed of the exercise and thought it was a real situation and that terrorist had taken over the airport. Airport officials told journalists that passengers were duly informed as an announcement were continuously being made to inform passengers of the exercise.