See What Happened Between A Navy Personnel And A NURTW Official In Lagos. Photos

An official of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) got more than what he anticipated for after he confronted a Navy personnel earlier today at Alakija bus stop in Lagos.

According to witnesses, the NURTW official wanted to collect fees from the driver of the bus which the Navy personnel boarded (which is against the “law” in Lagos). He was told to stand down due to the presence of a “staff” in the bus but he refused.

According to reports, the young Naval officer tried to calm the already infuriated official but he got angry the more and even charged at him (probably due to his young face). The young officer came down from the bus and rained him with hot slaps. Within few minutes, a patrol van from Navy town which is across the road stormed the area and descended on him. The official was immediately dragged away in front of his colleagues…. Guess we all know what happened next. ddd