Furious Wife Attacks Husband After Seeing Enjoying Dance With A Nightclub Hostess. Pics/Video

A jealous wife battered her husband in front of cheering revellers after seeing him enjoy a raunchy dance with a sexy nightclub hostess. The man’s fuming wife stormed the stage at the nightspot and hurled punches after he was invited on stage at the Christmas -themed event.

She attacked after the scantily-clad hostess wrapped her legs around her husband as pumping music blared out at the venue. The entertainer had asked for a volunteer to come up on stage and the man was dragged from the mainly male crowd at the nightclub in China. She then set about grinding against the bloke in a risqué routine but it was too much to take for his wife, who saw red. The green-eyed wife first shoves the hostess away before repeatedly beating her husband while the baying crowd cheer. He eventually loses his temper and makes a half-hearted attempt to fight back while bouncers and the hostess step in to save him from his raging partner. After her husband flees, the wife raises her hand to the crowd in an apparent effort to hail the cheering mob.

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