Female Beggar Pretending To Be Crippled Busted Behind Govt House In Bauchi. Photos


A Facebook user has narrated how he spotted a woman who pretended to be lame in order to beg for alms behind the Government House in Bauchi state. According to the witness who shared these photos, the woman crossed the road on her knees like someone crippled right before his eyes only to stand on her feet moments later.
Read what Adams Absalom Kushi shared;

This lady crossed the road on her knees without recourse to motorist, and got provoked and started insulting few bike riders that almost hit her. People around there began to talk about her, saying that’s how she behaves. I was told she comes around every Friday to beg for alms from worshippers who park by the main road to pray in a nearby mosque behind Government House Bauchi. Some body had risen to her defence when WE saw her stood up on her feet like a normal person to the amusement of even her “defender “. I was about driving out when all the drama started, I had to hurriedly drive few metres and parked beside her.

She begged me not to snap her when she heard those boys standing behind her began to whisper, look! He’s snapping her. I reached out to my pocket to see if I could get change to give her and in a way create an environment that will allow me interact with her, unfortunately there wasn’t change. The woman suddenly moved to the door of my Car begging me to give her money, coz she had seen me search my wallet. She insisted she had change for any naira denomination. I told her to bear with me as I drive away from her.

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