New Hotel Where Girls Dance Naked In Kaduna For Money Uncovered….

Some girls suspected to be students have found a juicy business in a newly opened hotel name (withheld) in Sabon Tasha, a suburb in Kaduna city where they dance naked for money to entertain people. Investigations revealed that, the girls in their early twenties have been hired by a new big hotel located along Post Office Road,Sabon Tasha to dance without cloth covering their body for 20,000 naira per one night performance.

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Read according to Leadership Our correspondent who visited the newly opened hotel on a facts finding mission observed that, boys less than twenty years of age are not allowed to enter the naked room, while an adult pays N2,000 as entrance fee. It noticed that,the hotel has become hot spot and side of attraction where married and single men trooped in the night to catch fun and reduce stress after hectic day work. It further observed that,a bottle of beer in other ordinary sitting rooms attracts normal price,although beers in the naked dancing room are expensive as some brands go for N1,000 per bottle,while others cost N500. One of the regular customers who gave his name as Step John, said he patronised the hotel to reduce stress and forget about the recession: “This hotel is like a therapy. I don’t miss the hotel especially Friday and Saturday club. Even if I am sick this place we cure me. Those naked dancers,i don’t know where they are from but I heard that some are from Ghana and others are from different parts of Nigeria. From the looks of things some are students of higher institutions” Aloe James, one of the Security guards of the hotel, said the management paid heavily to nake ladies, “Our management paid them very well. It seems some of the dancers are students. They are not from Kaduna State but they do come every Fridays till Sunday before going back. On Friday,if you come after 9pm you can’t get seat inside the room except outside. People complained about recession but my brother no recession here in the night. People spend money here like sand. If there are enough customers who come and watch the naked dance, they pay each 20,000 and above,” he said.

However, the management of the hotel declined comment after several attempts…..