Photo; “Women Are Scared Of Me Because Of Snakes In My Feet” — Distraught Man Reveals

A 37-year-old South African man, Frans Mojela, from Protea Glen in Soweto cannot find love. Frans said it’s because he’s been cursed by a snake that makes his feet smelly and painful. “I find it difficult to walk and stand up straight,” he said.
And now the snakes have moved up his thighs, causing constant discomfort. He told the People’s Paper his ordeal started in 2008.

“Even my wife left me.”“There was one woman who asked me to take my clothes off. “When she saw my feet, she ran out of the room in shock. My feet look horrible. I have corns which smell, even though I wash them

Sangoma Precious Sithole told Daily Sun: “Frans must find out where the snake comes from and get cleansed after it is removed.”

General practitioner Dr Pretty Munyai said: “The corns may be a result of excessive pressure on the feet, which causes friction. “The smell could be a result of fungal infections. Frans must consult his nearest clinic where he will be referred to a foot doctor, or podiatrist.”