Suicidal Woman Sues Assassin For Failing To Murder Her After Receiving Part-Payment.

A woman who paid an assassin to murder her has sued the killer for failing to deliver as agreed.The Brazilian woman whose name was withheld was reported to be suffering from chronic anxiety-depressive disorder. The Brazilian woman who sued the killer for ‘breaching consumer rights‘ had already equally tried but failed to kill herself several times, according to reports, before engaging the services of the killer.
The woman told a court in Taguatinga, near Brazil’s capital Brasilia, that the hired killer had breached her ‘consumer rights’ and therefore, she is demanding for her money back. According to the court, the woman paid the killer some money upfront and promised the killer to take her car as part of the payment arrangement when the job is done but that the killer varnished without “delivering the service,” court papers reavelaed. However, making his judgment on the case, the judge said the agreement lacks legal backing since it was not signed at a public notary office. And he said document they signed in which ownership of the woman’s car was passed to the alleged assassin wasn’t proof that he had received the vehicle as payment for killing her. He therefore dismissed the case saying, even if the agreement was entered through the legal process, it would still had been regarded illegal because the act under negotiation was in itself, illegal.