Scorned Wife Attacks Her Cheating Husband While Enjoying A Drink With Another Woman. Photos

An angry wife turned violent after she caught her cheating husband and his mistress in a Brazilian bar. The man had been enjoying a beer with two women when his angry wife appears. The three begin to brawl as other step in to stop the fight – or join in
CCTV from a bar in Rio Verde in Goias shows a man sitting at a table drinking a beer with two women. Suddenly another woman, believed to be his angry wife, storms into the bar and begins slaps the man across the head. She then turns her attentions to the woman sitting next to him, grabbing her by the hair and pulling her to the ground. As her husband tries to put himself between the two women the scorned wife picks up a chair and throws it in the other woman’s direction Suddenly another woman, believed to be the wife’s friend, joins in, and picks up a bottle to try to attack the mistress. Another man, who had simply been enjoying a drink at the bar, was forced to step in to protect her. Meanwhile, the husband and wife and fighting with their first in the street outside, as bystanders try to pull them apart. After the fight the husband returned to his table to finish his beer – but was missing his shirt after his wife ripped it from his back.