Daring Photographer Hides In Muddy Water To Take Perfect Shots Of Elephants..Photos

Wildlife photographer Greg Du Toit is not afraid to get a bit of dirt under his nails while hunting for that perfect picture. The 39-year-old South African jumped into a muddy watering hole to get as close as possible to wild elephants.
Du Toit took a dip in a watering hole at Botswana’s Mashatu reserve to capture a 30-strong herd of elephants drinking and bathing. In one picture, he shot an adorable calf, kneeling down to take a swig of water. The photographer is usually able to shoot elephants from a distance of 18 meters, but in the water, he was standing just two meters away from them. The series of breathtaking images was snapped between 2014 and 2017 and gives a rare insight into the life of elephants in the wild.

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