Air Force Crew Write 'Love From Manchester' On Missile On Its Way To Blast ISIS Terrorists…Photos

Royal Air Force RAF crew scrawled a message on a missile on its way to blast ISIS targets in Syria that read ‘Love from Manchester.’ The defiant note was initially believed to be a social media hoax but RAF bosses confirmed its veracity later today.
It is understood it was the brainchild of a drone squadron based at a secret location in the Middle East, in response to Monday night’s terror attack at Manchester Arena that claimed 22 innocent victims. The picture appeared on Twitter with the caption: ‘RAF Armourer on a Reaper UAV squadron wrote this on a Hellfire missile before taking off on a Syria mission’. An RAF spokesman told MailOnline: ‘The RAF can confirm the photo was genuine’. A source told The Sun: ‘The sentiment of the message is understandable under the circumstances.

‘There’s a history of messages being written on missiles in the RAF.’It’s unlikely the individual responsible for it will be disciplined.’