Celebrity Model Comes Under Fire For Sticking Her Tongue In Her Son's Mouth. Photos

A former Playboy model has been criticised for sharing a video of her sticking her tongue in her three-year-old son’s mouth. Some social media users branded the clip ‘erotic’ and claimed Argentinian Belén Rodríguez, 31, should be ‘ashamed’.
But others defended defended it as a loving moment between mother and son. The video has been watched more than a million times since the Milan-based model shared it with her five million Instagram followers. The footage, which appears to have been filmed at a restaurant, shows Rodriguez playfully grabbing her son Santiago by the chin and turning his face towards her. She pulls a face at the camera as the toddler giggles before briefly putting her tongue inside his lips. She then rubs whipped cream on his nose as he continues to laughs happily.

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