Twerking Gone Wrong; See What Happened To A Woman Who Got Carried Away While Dancing… Photos

A woman got so carried away twerking that she fell off the platform she was standing on and into a water. She couldn’t get enough of the music as she danced passionately before falling into the water close by.
The incident was caught on camera at a party in the city of Xochimilco Cancun, in the south-eastern Mexican state of Quintana Roo. A video footage which was posted online shows the woman in a black dress with her back to the camera shaking her bottom rapidly to the sound of the song ‘TakaTaka’. She swings around to face the camera, but steps one foot off the platform and falls back straight into the water. Her companions quickly rush to help her and the drenched woman can be seen from another angle as she is dragged out the water. The so called ‘LadyTakaTaka’ is pulled onto her feet and shows she is not defeated by giving another shake to the music whilst everybody around her cheers and one man picks her up.