Woman Loses Her 3 Months Pregnancy After Being Assaulted In Delta…. Photos

A woman identified as Nyerhovwo Gloria has reportedly lost her 3 months pregnancy after being assaulted by one Andy Obada and his friend in Delta state. The alleged assault landed the woman in a hospital. The woman is claiming she’s being threatened by the DPO to settle amicably with the man who assaulted her or be charged to court…

Read the report shared by CEO of Behind Bars Initiative, Prince Gwamnishu Harrison Gloria lost her three months Pregnancy… Andy Obada escaped later resurfaced at Ughelli Divisional Police Station Delta State. The Police changed case on Assault to two fighting after Andy Obada gave out bribe. Gloria Paid #3000 to get Police Bail.


I Received this sad news today from one of our very own Nyerhovwo Pama Gloria that she has been hospitalized after she was assaulted by Andy Obada and his friend. She called me late last night crying that the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) threatened to charge her to court for Two fighting and Breach of Peace if she fails to settle amicably with Andy Obada.


“On the 5th of May I was passing through a compound with my son, a man called Andy Obada stop me and my son and ask me not to pass through that compound again and I ask him why, because other people do pass same compound and he did not stop them. I then told him that he should not worry that I won’t pass through that place again… To God who made me I did not pass through that place again…Later on the 20th of may at about 9pm I was coming from my mum place with my Son and my friend Ruth. It was late and we were rushing home. Getting in front of Andy Obada’s Compound, (His a Tenant) that compound is a short-cut to my house. I didn’t pass through the compound but I saw people passing there. In front of the compound, he was sitting down with a friend smoking. This was past 9:00pm. I asked him if this is not people passing through the compound why is my own different? He immediately stood up got angry and walked towards me throw away the cigarette he was smoking and told me that he has warned me not to pass through the compound. (Andy is just a tenant in this compound) I then replied him that people do pass here, what have I done to warrant all these embarrassment. He slapped me and started beating me in presence of my son and friend. I fell on the floor and he beat me and his friend that was with him was now telling me I shouldn’t have asked him that question and that I deserve the beating I was given. I couldn’t see clearly and I immediately hold him and started calling out for help and his friend joined him and they both beat me. By this time I was bleeding heavily. My friend took me and my son home. The next morning I reported the case to Divisional Police Station Ughelli and they gave me a report to go and treat myself and that they will arrest Andy Obada. I was admitted in hospital and the Doctor told me I have lost my three months Pregnancy. He also wrote the report which I submitted to the Police. After I was discharged from hospital, the police make effort to arrest Andy Obada , but he was no where to be found. 24th May, I went to the police station again and met Andy Obada there writing a statement. The Police told me that me and my brothers destroyed his properties and injured him. The only thing that was destroy was his AC that he push me to which i fell on it. The police are now changing the case that it is two fighting and Breach of Peace that I was not supposed to ask him that question why I shouldn’t pass through the compound. I was detained for hours and later released on bail after paying #3000 all because the man who beat me has money and I don’t have anything or anyone to stand for me”

That’s Gloria story.