Italian Police Foil 'Plan To Blow Up World-Famous Bridge' Days After London Attack. Photos

Italian police foiled an alleged jihadist plan to attack the world-famous Rialto Bridge in Venice. Officers had been monitoring a group who they claim expressed an “unconditional support for Islamic State” since last year, according to the city’s chief prosecutor Adelchi D’Ippolito.
They tapped their phones, bugged their apartments and followed their online communications, and what emerged was “disturbing and worrying”, D’Ippolito said. D’Ippolito claimed that those arrested had celebrated after the London terror attack on March 22, adding that one had commented: “Considering how many infidels there are in Venice, we could get to heaven right away by putting a bomb on the Rialto bridge.” Police arrested three Kosovars today on suspicion of operating a jihadist cell that had discussed blowing up the historic Rialto bridge in Venice. A minor from Kosovo was also was detained to prevent him from interfering with the probe, police said. All of them had papers allowing them to live legally in Italy. Up to three other Kosovars were also under investigation over their ties to those arrested, D’Ippolito told a news conference streamed online.