Man Descends On Pervert Who Was Caught Touching His Girlfriend's Bottom. Photos

A pervert got more than he bargained for after he was caught pinching a woman’s buttocks at a subway station in northeastern China.Video footage shows the moment the man was caught by the woman’s boyfriend who then beat up the pervert on a station platform.
The nine-second-long video captures the fight on a subway station platform in Shenyang City. According to Dragon Fruit Media Studio, the young man caught the pervert pinching his girlfriend’s bottom at a subway station. The boyfriend became enraged at the man’s actions. The man in the black ‘BOY London’ top is believed to be the woman’s partner. He was seen swearing, punching and throwing punches at the other man. The man denied touching the woman however this did not stop the boyfriend from hitting the alleged pervert. The woman failed to pull her boyfriend away. It is unclear when the incident happened and if any lawful authorities were involved in investigating the incident.