Richard Marcus The Casino Fraud Mastermind Turning Writer

During the 20 years of a lively career written by world biographers. Richard Marcus spent his time visiting various casinos in Las Vegas. Where the goal was to find out how to cheat. In the course of his cheating career, he managed to come up with several creative strategies. And succeeded in making millions of dollars every night at Las Vegas casinos. He managed to rig several games such as blackjack, baccarat, poker, and roulette.

Similar to the proverb “jumping squirrels will definitely fall too”. Yes, that’s Richard Marcus’s life, he was finally caught and had to languish in prison. World biographers wrote that he was sorry and finally explained in detail the act of cheating in his book titled American Roulette. How I Turned the Odds Upside Down. To see in detail the actions of this gambler who has served to be a writer. We will provide some brief points that we adapted from his world biography.

World Biography Richard Marcus from Dropping Out of School to Becoming Homeless

In world biographies, Richard spent his childhood in Bergan County, New Jersey. And since then he likes to make simple bets with his parents such as guessing the color of the car that will pass them. And also he makes bets on his collection of baseball cards with his friends. That’s when he always wins and makes his friends jealous until finally Richard is tricked by his friends. And has to lose all his collection of picture cards.

As a teenager, Richard spent time gambling and did not have time to do schoolwork. And eventually dropped out of school. World biographies write that the first time he gambled after dropping out of school was motor racing gambling. And managed to win 30 thousand dollars and finally, he went to Las Vegas to try his luck. In 1 day in Las Vegas, the money was lost because he lost playing at the Casino. Until in the end, the world biography wrote that Richard was homeless. And living under a bridge on the outskirts of Las Vegas.

Revenge Ends in Cheating with the Help of Joe Classon

Biography Richard Marcus writes that when he became homeless, he promised himself to avenge Casino who beat him. Then in the world biography, it is written that he eventually became a blackjack, baccarat. And poker banker at the Four Queen casino and met Joe Classon who was a regular player there. Joe Classon then conducts negotiations to trap the Casino by making Richard as one of his crime partners. World biographers say that Richard was happy to do it. Because not only the revenge he got. But also the share of the fee 20% of the profit winning Joe and his team.

The method is simple, namely Richard as a banker. And how to make Joe or his team one of the winners. Not only at the gambling table. Joe was also given relief by Richard to place bets when the betting time was nearly up. World biographers say that at the time Richard did not know that this was illegal. And in 1982 he was almost arrested for the trick. After 12 years of being Joe’s team, Richard finally decided to create his own team.

Success Creating Your Own Team

World biographies say that after breaking away from Joe’s team. Richard spent day and night at Las Vegas casinos and finally met his high school friend named Andy “Balls”. After that, another friend called Pat Mallery, with the 3 people, began a massive money theft mission from Casino. World biographies write a simple way that the team did is. When Richard put a chip worth of 5000 dollars under a 5 dollar coin so that the banker would not know that Richard bet with a chip that big. The explanation from the world biography is that if Richard wins the bet. He will open his 5000 dollar coin and inevitably the casino banker has to give his winnings. If Andy and Pat lose the task of blocking the banker’s view. Richard easily keeps his 5000 dollar coin back, world biographies say that Richard named his strategy “Savanna Strategy”.

Caught And Book Stories of the Action

On December 31, 1999. Finally “Strategy Savanna” had to be thwarted by a casino whose name was not published by the world biographer Richard. It’s just that the Gaming Control Board said that the team was caught playing roulette and had to go to prison. Since then Richard has not been allowed to enter all Nevada casinos. Even so, the world biography reports that he did not give up and managed to record his 2004 cheating act. Namely American Roullete: How I Turned the Odds Upside Down and collaborating with Glen Hasting in a book entitled Identity Theft Inc. Released in 2006.