What Forms of Harassment in Online Videogames Comes Down to Community Standards

A form of harassment that has been coming down from the more “traditional” forms of harassment over the last few years is that of online videogame taunts, or “flame wars.” Online, these games can include things like “building up your power to beat your opponent” or “building up your skills to shoot straight.” In the end, there are no winners in these types of online games – they are all just one-sided affairs where the participants do not even know or care who is winning.

This form of harassment has been around since the beginning of online gaming, and has only been becoming worse with increased frequency and visibility over time. Many people blame the increased prevalence of online games for this increase in such behavior, but I beg to differ. It is a much bigger problem that much of the media seems willing to sweep under the rug. We need to take a closer look at the problem of online gaming related to this ongoing trend of this type of behavior.

One of the reasons why the online gaming industry is so prone to such disgusting and threatening behavior is because it is often considered a “community” based. Online gaming communities are typically comprised of dozens and even hundreds of thousands of members, many of whom spend months and years building up a strong sense of trust and a deep respect for one another. Unfortunately, some will prey upon this sense of community and use it as a tool to sexually harass others.

Not all online games involve the types of humiliation and degradation that we have grown accustomed to reading about in news stories and watching movies. Many of the most popular online games feature actual “adversary” characters who head to head on the gaming world. These online games are more than just “generic” computer warriors battling it out for supremacy; they are interactive fiction environments where players can create their heroes and build up their personal history. However, it can be difficult to draw the line between what is not acceptable in these online games, especially given the fact that there are thousands upon thousands of games created every day.

Unfortunately, many gamers do not see these types of problems for what they are and do nothing to stop it. If you want to play online games that do not have such harassment problems, you need to be aware of them and report anyone you see who is acting in a threatening way. Unfortunately, many individuals involved in online gaming communities often report harassment by other players, but are reluctant to take any action because of their stature in the online gaming world. They don’t understand that it’s their reputation that is being put on the line, which is why they fail to speak out against the people who make threats against them. This leaves them vulnerable to becoming targets of harassment, which is the exact reason that many of them are leaving the online gaming community, which is why it is so important for you as a gamer to speak out against this type of behavior when you see it.

Harassment in online gaming does not have to be something that only happens to women. Countless men are harassed by other players as well, and there is nothing wrong with speaking out against this type of behavior when you see it. There are plenty of men who are being targeted by female gamers for various reasons. It is your responsibility as a man to be aware of these situations so that you can do something about it if you feel like you are a victim. There are plenty of online games that cater to different genders and different lifestyles, and you should not let this stop you from having a great time playing online!

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