Online Gaming Abuse – What It Is And How To Stop It

Many of us have heard the term online gaming abuse or online gambling abuse but we really do not know what it means. Online Gaming refers to any activity where people play games online in front of their personal computers. Gaming can take place in single player and multi player mode. It is also possible for players to interact with each other online. This means that one player can be playing the game while another player is participating in the game.

There are many different kinds of online gaming abuse that takes place online. The worst online gaming abuse is called the Online Harassment. This includes unwanted sexual advances, inappropriate messages, repeated sending of annoying messages, and physical threats. The online harassment can include everything from rude comments to real life stalking.

One of the most common forms of online harassment takes place in the online gaming world. This is called Beegging. Beegging can take two forms. First it is a game where the gamer solicits gifts for specific online gaming sites from a girl who he thinks is a member of the site he is trying to obtain gifts from. Secondly he may use tricks and fake profiles to attract girls to talk to him online. Many times the girls will give out information about themselves and they will pretend to be girls belonging to the gaming site so that they can be convinced that they want to get gifts from this site.

Another form of online gaming abuse is called the Soft Targeting

This is a technique used by some gamers when they want to send messages to certain individuals or to make sure certain people do not go to certain online multiplayer games. For instance a player might choose a specific online gaming platform, a certain game, or even a certain type of game to target a specific demographic. The gamer might be trying to make sure that the game does not cross over into a niche market because that would lessen his own chance of making money from that market.

If a person is going to commit online gaming abuse, they should know that they can be traced back to various online gaming forums and websites. This means that they can be traced back to their place of employment, their school, and possibly even their place of residence. This is a big game changer, considering that people used to be able to go to their local gaming cafe and lie about where they went to school. Now this information is available to anyone who is looking for it.

The World Wide Web has made the online gaming world a better place in many ways. It has eliminated many of the online games from being online casinos but it has also made online multiplayer games more widely available. In the end it is up to the gamer to use common sense when playing online. Be sure that you are prepared for the consequences.


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