Dismissed Ghanaian Soldiers Threaten To Join Boko Haram And Other Terrorist Groups..

Over 500 Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) recruits dismissed in 2015 for indiscipline have threatened to join terrorist organizations, according to reports . Citing unfair treatment during their dismissal, the recruits have said that they are considering joining ISIL and Boko Haram.

The hundreds of recruits have given an ultimatum that they will rescind their threats if they are recalled into the army training school. The recruits defended themselves, claiming that they never found the training to be too difficult as stated by the leadership of the training school. They further added that they were dismissed wrongly due to others that were being considered contrary to claims that they were not qualified.

According to Security Expert and Assistant Director at the New York University, Nicholas Nii Okine, counselling and mini-reintegration of the recruits so that they can perform other state duties cane help alleviate the situation. Okine advised that the National Peace Council and intelligence agencies should step in since the threat could turn out to be chaotic

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