See How These “Fraudsters Were Caught” Taking Advantage Of This Sick Little Girl. Photos

The government needs to look into the issue of non-governmental organizations NGOs who take advantage of the less privileged/sick people to make money. There was commotion yesterday at Trade Fair complex in Lagos after a well meaning Nigerian spotted a little girl with protruded stomach who was being exploited under the scorching sun by some fraudsters parading themselves as members of an NGO seeking donation for her treatment…
When the group (a lady and 2 guys) was confronted by an elderly woman about the NGO they represented, the leader (the woman in green cap) couldn’t produce any form of ID card.. According to reports, she shunned the woman who confronted them -telling her to mind her business. After being labelled a fraud, the young lady reportedly said “Nigeria is hard, I cannot do Ashawo, man must survive”.. This prompted the elderly woman to notify a soldier who was close by… On seeing that the case had gone critical, the lady started to plead for mercy…. Upon interrogation, the lady claimed that the girl was brought from Abuja, while her co-worker (in green shirt) said that the girl’s parents lives at Orile, Coker in Lagos. Due to the unrelated stories, the little girl was asked where her parents stayed, she said that they are in the village in Abakiliki, Ebonyi state and those people brought her straight from the village…She also revealed that she was told to smile and wave at people driving by so they would be forced to donate to her cause… The worst part is that these fraudsters were doing this just very close to a police station. After people started gathering following the chaos caused, the policemen were notified about the situation..Instead of coming to confirm for themselves, they said its not their business. One of the policemen (as seen in the pictures below) tried to liaise with the soldier to bury the case after one of the “NGO” members reasoned with him and his squad…. The woman was shocked after she was told to go home, that nothing could be done about the situation.. According to her, the policemen and those fraudsters might have been working hand-in-hand due to their silence on the matter and how quickly they were to dismiss the case…. The main questions are if they are really genuine why couldn’t they produce any ID card of the so-called NGO (even a fake one)  and why were their stories about the girl’s origin unrelated?

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