See What Doctors Removed From The Stomach Of A Girl Who Loves Eating Hair. Graphic

Doctors in India claim to have removed one of the world’s biggest hairballs from the stomach of a girl addicted to eating her own hair . The giant one-metre-long hairball, which weighed 2.5lbs, was surgically removed from an 18-year-old. Doctors in Kashmir removed the growth from the teenager’s stomach after she arrived at hospital complaining of discomfort and a severe abdominal pain.
The doctors said the hairball was entangled to the intestines – which had left her unable to eat or even drink water. Dr Iqbal Saleem, who led the team of surgeons which carried out the procedure, said: “The hairball must have been there for at least two years. “We removed the entire bunch of hair through laparoscopic surgery. “We used laparoscopy so that the girl was not left with any scars around her abdomen. It was the biggest hairball removed without a general surgery.” The family of the girl revealed that she was addicted to eating hair but no one found out until she complained of a severe stomach ache. The hair chewing condition known as Rapunzel syndrome, is a rare condition in which a hairball (called a trichobezoar) is found in the stomach, with its tail in the colon. Despite successful surgery, doctors are worried the girl might start eating hair again.