Football Legend Ronaldinho Launches Singing Career With New Song 'Sozinho'. Photo

Brazil and Barcelona legend Ronaldinho has launched his music and singing career with new single ‘Sozinho’. The 37-year-old, who never officially retired, hasn’t played professionally since 2015 and was last month appointed as a club ambassador for Barcelona.
However, it appears in his spare time the king of the flip-flap has been making a new song in a bid to crack the music business. The Brazilian’s fondness of music has long been public knowledge, and he’s previously featured in a number of rap videos. He also sang in the official Rio Paralympics song in 2016. But this is the first time Ronaldinho has released a song on his own. When he released his song, Ronaldinho said: “Thank you my friends. This is my first song, with no composition partner!!!”

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